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Weld Mount's unique line of fasteners are designed to be adhesively bonded to almost any substrate. We offer wire tie mounts, hose and cable clamps, studs, standoffs, and floating nutplates. All of our fasteners are mounted with our unique non-sag acrylic adhesives which hold the parts in place on a vertical or overhead surface providing a permanent high strength bond.

> Wire Tie & Strap Mounts

> Stainless Steel Studs

> Standoffs, Nut Plates & Blind Fasteners

> Hose & Cable Clamps


The heart of the Weld Mount System is our acrylic adhesives which have been specifically formulated to be used with our parts. They are high strength/high viscosity methacrylate’s with incredible strength in both tensile and in shear.
We have a range of different adhesives depending upon your application requirements. Be sure and see our installation instructions for further technical details.


Mixing is one of the most important unit operations. The quality of mixing and the rate it is achieved often have a major impact on the product quality, production yield and overall process economics. With our auxiliary we assure safe and efficient usage of our adhesives.


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