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Wire tie strap mounts

We offer wire tie mounts, hose and cable clamps, studs, standoffs and floating nutplates. All of our fasteners are mounted with our unique non-sag acrylic adhesives which hold the parts in place on a vertical or overhead surface providing a permanent high strength bond.

AT-3 Small Wire Tie Mount

The small wire tie mount is ideal for panels and light gauge wire run applications. This part is sized for a 5 mm wide wire tie.
Average pull strength is about 22 kg. The square base measures 11 mm wide.
Specifically designed to bond with our adhesives.

AT-5 Wire Tie Mount

The AT-5 tie mount is designed to be set into wet resin during the hull lay up or bonded with our acrylic adhesives. It's designed for a 8.5 mm wire tie and has average pull strength of 68 kg. It's approved for submerged bilge applications. Stop putting plywood in your hull just to have a place to drive wire tie screws. Saves material and labor costs.  Available in black or white colour.

AT-7 Aluminium Base Wire Tie Mount

This tie mount has an anodized aluminium base with a nylon tie mount. The tie mount itself swivels 360 degrees making alignment with the wire harness easier. It is designed for a maximum 8.5 mm wide wire tie and has an average pull strength of 68 kg. It is approved for submerged applications. Eliminate drilling holes, blocking, tapping or welding. Eliminate water paths and warranty issues.

AT-9 Aluminium Wire Tie Mount

Manufactured of 5052 Marine grade aluminium with UV and salt water resistance for exterior applications. AT-9 is rated at 113 kg tensile strength.


AT-113 Footman's Strap Mount

Our AT-113 strap mount is designed to be bonded with AT-2010 or AT-8040 acrylic adhesive. This strap mount is 82 mm long x 25.5 mm wide and holds up to a 33 mm max strap width. The AT-113 is incredibly strong and is rated for over 136 kg in tensile and it's paintable. Use it for battery and tank tie downs and mounting heavy hoses and cables or deck mounted for life raft tie downs.

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